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Giannis Michalopoulos big winner after controversial decision against Stelios Papadopoulos at final of ''KIMBO Superfights'' !

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It was a Saturday night of tense and full of action at Gazi Music Hall in Athens where eight of the most talented kickboxers who live in Greece gave their best to win the title of the king at -70 kg in the event of ''KIMBO Superfights 8Man Tournament'' .

The greek fighter Giannis 'Natural' Michalopoulos who achieved to win three opponents in a row all at the same night won 5000 euros and the KIMBO championship belt to more fights for him abroad .

But it didn't come easy for 'Natural' who beat clearly at his first fight with unanimous decision after three rounds Nikos Giannopoulos .

His second fight though was against the big surprise of the tournament Christos Avramidis . Avramidis wasn't supposed to fight at this tournament but he came as a replacement at last time and after the loss at his quarterfinal bout against Alexandros Papadimitriou , he had to come back again as replacement of Papadimitriou who broke his hand .


And so Avramidis gave Michalopoulos a big surprise at the beginning after he won the first round of their fight . The 'Natural' then had to give it all with an injury below his eye against a passionate fighter and he did it at the end as he took the unanimous decision win from the judges .

On the other hand Stelios ''Golden Boy'' Papadopoulos finished quickly in quarterfinals Andrea Ali at the first round of their bout and then had to face Nikos Gkikas . He won the fighter with a majority decision at the extra round . Reports refer that Papadopoulos won the fight within three rounds and then had difficult time at extra round against a better Gkikas .

So at final Giannis Michalopoulos had to face Stelios Papadopoulos in the most anticipated fight of the night . It was a hard and tough fight as expected . Some sources refer that Stelios Papadopoulos won the first two rounds and lost the third . But we can't say it for sure until we actually see the video of that fight as the other side believes opposite . Although the decision at the end from the judges was a big majority decision win for Michalopoulos .


Maybe an extra round should be the most fair decision , so there would be less of controversy .

At the end ΚΙΜΒΟ Superfights event from manager and promoter Christos Papanagiotou was a big success at Gazi Music Hall as it was full of fans until late who came there to enjoy and watch the elite of the kickboxers at -70 kg .

RESULTS ''KIMBO Superfights 8 Man Tournament'' at -70 kg :



Giannis Michalopoulos vs Nikos Giannopoulos

Winner : Michalopoulos via unanimous decision



Alexandros Papadimitriou vs Christos Avramidis

Winner : Papadimitriou via unanimous decision



Nikos Gkikas vs Dionisis Gkikas

Winner : Nikos Gkikas via TKO (injury)



Stelios Papadopoulos vs Andreas Ali

Winner : Papadopoulos via KO




Nikos Gkikas vs Stelios Papadopoulos

Winner : Papadopoulos via majority decision at extra round



Giannis Michalopoulos vs Christos Avramidis

Winner : Michalopoulos via unanimous decision



Giannis Michalopoulos vs Stelios Papadopoulos

Winner : Michalopoulos via majority decision