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Kubrat Pulev on UFIGHT.GR : ''I will win Wladimir Klitschko !''

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Kubrat Pulev talked exclusively to Vaios Brouziotis and for his big upcoming fight against Wladimir Klitschko on September 7th in Germany .

We are just a few days away from this big heavyweight clash and the contender bulgarian star of boxing Kubrat Pulev seems to be ready to surprise the world .

He appears sure for himself and talks about everything in this whole exclusive interview he gave to us .

UFIGHT : Kubrat you are considered to be the outsider of this fight against the champion Klitschko . Do you believe it for yourself ? What do you answer to all these who say that maybe you are not the same class as the Ukranian ?

Kubrat Pulev : I don't think I am an outsider in the tournament . I am happy when I am underestimated . This gives me more advantage and extra motivation .

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UFIGHT : When you first met in Hamburg you talked about extra drug testing to Klitschko . Why did you focus so much on this ?

Kubrat Pulev :  I insisted on talking about that because this is an important matter. I believe that in sport rules must be equal to all in order to be fair and true. That's why I want the same doping tests for Klitschko. I don't find it fair that the contestant for the title to be tested anytime, anyplace and the world champion to be tested only after the game. Even kids know that whatever he took it could be cleaned for the game.

If I was the world champion, I would get tested so I can clean my name and to prove to the people that I am absolutely natural and have nothing to hide. I think that this is the correct reaction of a true world champion and not to hide and manoeuvre around the matter which definitely proves that something is fishy and there are doubts. . Klitschko makes excuses because his contract was signed differently. He can just prove everything and make a doping test on his own will .


Not to mention on the Olympic games his brother Vitali Klitschko was caught with forbidden substances and was deprived of being a part of the games .

On that matter things are pretty simple. He either goes through with the doping test like me and proves to that he really is the world champion or he doesn't and proves that he is most likely taking forbidden stimulants which keep him on the top for the past years and not because he is the best .

UFIGHT : What are your weapons that will make the differenece against an opponent with bigger size than yours ?

Kubrat Pulev : I prefer larger opponents because they are more comfortable for me and I hope he is comfortable for me too .

UFIGHT : How much this fight means for you Kubrat ?

Kubrat Pulev : This tournament is for the world title which is my dream. I am preparing for it like any other one.

UFIGHT : What do you believe for Klitschko as a person ?


Kubrat Pulev: I am not interested in him as a person . I am not into men and he most likely wouldn't be my friend ever . To me he is just an opponent . I don't hate anybody and I didn't hate any of my former opponents .

UFIGHT : What fans should wait from Kubrat Pulev ? Are you gonna be mentally and psysically to that point so you can show them a Pulev whom they never saw until now ?

Kubrat Pulev : . Yes, for sure ! With God's help I feel excellent . My training process goes as planned and on September 6th I will be in top shape . I will be a boxing machine .

UFIGHT : If I asked you for a prediction , how you believe this fight will end ?

Kubrat Pulev : Boxing is a sport in which you can never predict something 100%. Chances are 50-50. The game is going to be really interesting and I will win it !