Giannis Stoforidis to face Catalin Morosanu at the SuperKombat WGP August 2 !

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SuperKombat made it official today that the Greek ''Hercules'' Giannis Stoforidis will be the main event of the fourth SuperKombat WGP event of the year on August 2 against ''The Carpathian Death'' Catalin Morosanu .

Stoforidis was selected at the first SuperKombat World Tryouts series of 2013 held in Athens and since then he fought multiple times for the promotion . He fought his way through to the Superkombat World Grand Prix Final of the last season losing in the semifinals due to a hand injury .

Stoforidis in Greece is unbeatable and currently by far the number one heavyweight fighter of the country .

On the other side Morosanu has a winning streak of 12 wins at SuperKombat and ''Hercules'' is gonna be one of the biggest threats to this record . His last appearance in SuperKombat was in a fight against the egyptian Mohammed Karim in April , which finished by unanimous decision for the Romanian star .

Two giants in a worth watching fight !