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Dimitris Chiotis makes the step : Wins by KO WKN International Title at ‘Brave Night 3’!

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PHOTO BY : www.nightstories.gr


Greek fighter Dimitris Chiotis had to face one of the biggest challenges when he stepped into the ring against polish Jakub Smigielski few days before for the 'Brave Night 3' event in Athens, Greece.

Chiotis, fighter of Nikos Kritikos from the prestigious 'Kritikos Camp', did quick job as he finished via KO Smigielski few seconds after the beginning of the fight in 'Massroom Club'.

'Panthro' with heavy hands left no space for doubt and put around his waist the middleweight WKN International title, which is about to open even bigger challenges for him the next months in Europe.

The greek fighter has a lot of experience fighting from a very young age for the biggest fighting events in Greece and now being himself in a great shape is ready to make an impact across Europe.

'Brave Night 3', sold out event in 3rd of July, was organized from Manos Zaxarioudakis and Andreas Kalimnios under the auspices of WKN Greece and its representative Stefanos Konstantinidis .


photo by : Nightstories.gr