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Dzevad Poturak : ‘’Quarteron didn’t want to fight me with K1 rules!’’

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Dzevad Poturak, one of the best kickboxers of the last decade and more talked to after his fight against Patrice Quarteron this past Thursday in Paris.

We saw him fighting against Quarteron with Muay Thai rules and it was really a surprise since he always fights with K1 rules.

He lost that fight with KO after elbows in the first round, but Dzevad complained these elbows were illegal.

He told us :

''Ι am a K1 fighter not a muay thai fighter. I have 80 fights with K1 rules and I never had a fight in Muay Thai before. I never trained also in Μuay Thai.

I came in Paris prepared for this fight after 40 days of training and I was in good shape. But I had here a very bad situation since Patrice changed before the fight and I had only to choose to fight him with Μuay Thai rules.

I don't know what happened with Patrice but for me he didn't want to fight me with K1 rules.

I said ok lets do the fight with Muay Thai rules but in the match he broke these rules. He gave me elbows at the back of my head and so he won.''

Watch following video via YouTube :