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Ioannis Arzoumanidis against Taxiarchis Archontis for the title of the best Greek heavyweight MMA fighter !

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When we talk about the best MMA fighters at heavyweight division, then we have have to look at the promotion of 'MMA Challenge Pro' or 'MCP' .

It helds each year one big show in Northern Greece, where the fans of MMA have the chance to witness the most spectacular division of the sport .

In 2013 Ioannis Arzoumanidis fought against his friend Nestoras Batzelas taking the win via unanimous decision and the belt of the 'MCP' as well the unformal title of the best at the division . It was the best battle we 've seen so far at heavyweights here with both of the fighters taking aside their friendship to give a battle to remember.

This time Arzoumanidis, who has a big and remarkable career worldwide in wrestling , will have to face the challenge of Taxiarchis Archontis .

Archontis a native of Karditsa city, achieved lately to have big matches abroad taking part in events like FFC in Balkans against top fighters as the Croatian Ante Delija and the former veteran of UFC Igor Pokrajac . He wanted this fight against ''Arzoo'' and the promotion gives him now the chance to compete for the top in Greece .

Big guns his will and experience in MMA fights , against Arzoumanidis who has fights in MMA only in Greece so far .

''MMA Challenge Pro 4'' happens this September 26th in Thessaloniki , and is expected to be again a show that will define the sport of Mixed Martial Arts in Greece .


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