Clyde Brunswijk talks about the SuperKombat title he got in Athens !

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The 21 years old Clyde Brunswijk, newly crowned champion of SuperKombat, talks to .

He reveals the backround of the fight against Alexandros Chatzichronoglou in Greece that gave him the SuperKombat title and also his future plans.

Vaios Brouziotis : First of all Clyde how was your experience fighting for the first time in Greece on the Kimbo Superfights event?

Clyde Brunswijk : It was very nice. It was well organized and the people in Greece are all awesome. Great audience!

Vaios Brouziotis : Clyde your opponent Chatzichronoglou told after the fight that you came 4 kilos heavier for this fight. What happened?

Clyde Brunswijk : Before we come to Greece we agreed the fight will be on 84 kg, but when we arrived they told us that I needed to be 81 kg. So I had to lose 3 kilos in only 2 days. At the weight-in I was 82.3kg, so I was 1,3 kg heavier. Chatzichronoglou told us that he didn't want to fight. So I had to have two handicaps. Those handicaps were : Ιf the fight was a draw he wins the fight and the second handicap was that I had to fight with much heavier gloves. That way these handicaps equal my 1,3 kilos advantage.


Vaios Brouziotis : As it seems there was a missunderstanding between the organizers and the fighters. That means you fought with heavier gloves?

Clyde Brunswijk : Υes I fought with heavier gloves and it made me slower than him.

Vaios Brouziotis : Ηοw sure were you for this big win in Greece ?

Clyde Brunswijk : Ι was really not sure about winning this fight. I was even scared to lose the fight. But as I went closer and closer to the ring, I got more confidence. Finally in the ring I felt great and as I came closer to Chatzichronoglou he looked me in the eyes but for one second he looked away from me and then I knew I got this.

Vaios Brouziotis : Was he the stronger opponent you faced until now?

Clyde Brunswijk : Νο he was not the strongest opponent I faced, but I never fought with someone with that much experience as Chatzichronoglou.

Vaios Brouziotis : Do you have already close your next fight?


Clyde Brunswijk : My plans are to fight as many fights as possible and then I will also fight on another event of SuperKombat.

Vaios Brouziotis : Clyde one final question. You were born in Surinam and there are so many great fighters coming from there. Is it Kick Boxing so popular there?

Clyde Brunswijk : Yes Kick Boxing is very popular in Surinam. I actually don't know how it comes and there so much talent coming from there. (laughs)